As an NHS Patient and with our expert advice, we can advise you and your family’s oral health needs, including gum health and oral cancer screening. The aim of NHS Dentistry is to provide care to bring you mouth to full dental fitness under NHS Regulations.

We will endeavour to provide this to a high standard. and will always discuss your options for your care.

We are able to provide

• Treatment of damaged teeth.
• Crowns & Bridges
• Tooth coloured fillings on front teeth.
• Silver fillings on back teeth
• Orthodontics
• Simple Oral Surgery

Our treatment will be tailored toward you and your wishes providing you with the highest quality dental care we can provide.

We will give you a detailed written estimate and treatment plan so you will know in advance the cost of your treatment. Following NHS guidelines; we may ask you to pay in advance of commencement of treatment. Should there be any changes to your initial treatment plan your dentist will discuss your treatment options and inform you if there are any further changes.

Please discuss with the reception staff if you may be exempt from treatment costs.

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